A call to the President of the Republic HE Paul BIYA, by Jean Blaise GWET National President of the MPCC On September 25, 2017

Your Excellency the President of the Republic of cameroon, the turn of the so-called Anglophone crisis, is a situation that is leading us all towards an impasse, a situation of terror. This agitated social dispute now threatens our national unity and borders on the civil war. This situation gradually builds a climate of insecurity, reinforces terror and arouses fear among our fellow citizens.
As the National President of the PMCC (Patriotic Movement for Change in Cameroon) and Candidate for the next Presidential Election of 2018 in our country, my duty is to call your attention on the gravity of this situation. Your Excellency the President of the Republic, the oath you have taken, imposes obligations on you: to Watch over the Nation, Protect every Cameroonian citizen wherever he is on the national territory, whatever his origin and whatever his place of residence. You have taken an oath to protect the goods and services of every Cameroonian. You are therefore the guarantor of our national territorial integrity.
In the meantime, to find a peaceful, objective solution that seems difficult to achieve before the next presidential election in 2018, my position as a political strategist and political analyst gives me the impression that this crisis, known as the Anglophone crisis is like a tree hiding the forest. What do you want to leave as legacy in Cameroon Mr. President of the Republic? If you do not take appropriate, urgent and immediate measures, you will lead Cameroon, if we do not pay attention to de facto federalism that will split into 3 states.
To open a breach for the partition of Cameroon, others will be forced to apply the same rule to the all the Northerners, so, why not tomorrow a state in the Bassas? A State in the Bamilekes? Why not, from the States to the other regions?
It is time, Mr. President of the Republic to stop playing cat and mouse. Through your Mandate, the Cameroonian people have entrusted you with the keys of the Nation. Protect it by all means.As the President of the Republic, in the face of such an insurrectionary situation, I would immediately take measures of public order, even if it meant hampering a few constitutional freedoms in this case:
1 – I declare the State of Emergency, the State of Siege in the troubled areas.
2 – Immediately, I put in place a curfew device in both areas
3 – When calm and order will reign only, I will put in place a framework of real dialogue for a way out of the crisis with all the actors involved.
His Excellency the President of the Republic, the National Unity of the republic of Cameroon, is not negotiable. Cameroon is united and indivisible. All Cameroonians are proud to be Cameroonian but your policy marginalizes some, who no longer recognize themselves in the current Republic. By bringing decentralization to completion and making it effective, You will be resolving the current challenges our centralized system of governance is facing
The leaders of Cameroon will pass, Cameroon will remain.
Done at Douala, 25th September 2017
Jean Blaise GWET.
National President of PMCC (Patriotic Movement for Change in Cameroon)
Mail: jbgwet@yahoo.fr / jbgwet@mpcc.be
Website: www.mpcc.be
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