Commitment N°1 of President Jean Blaise GWET: Preserving Peace And Consolidating Social Cohesion

I am a man of peace and dialogue. The emblem of my party the PMCC is the dove.

If the Cameroonian people choose me to direct their destiny,

• I pledge to preserve peace and social cohesion. Peace and social stability are essential for sustainable economic, social and cultural development. They are not only an absence of conflict but also the existence of living conditions enabling citizens to flourish and live in harmony.
• I will not hunt witches. I am for :
• Special status for former Cameroonian Heads of State and their families. They must continue to enjoy all the honors that every statesman deserves. The former First Ladies will have all the support of the State to continue to work for the poorest through the Foundations they have created. The same will apply to all other former state clerks and their families.
• The rehabilitation of the rights of the former President, the late H.E. Hamadou Ahidjo and those of his family. Moreover, and above all, I will ensure the transfer of his remains to his native land followed by a national mourning and the funeral that the remains of every head of state deserve.
• The release of all our brothers and sisters who are in prison for political or political reasons.
• The release of those imprisoned for economic reasons on condition that they return to the State of Cameroon, the assets and property stolen from the Cameroonian people. The most important and the most urgent is not to see them behind bars, but to recover the misappropriated sums to create industries and give work to our unemployed.

“Together We Can”

Jean Blaise GWET. Our president in 2018 National President PMCC(Patriotic Movement for Change In Cameroon)
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