Stop !! To Operation Sparrowhawk: All prisoners must be released from the Sparrowhawk operation.

1- What has been the result of this operation?
2- Could it have been otherwise?
To Cameroonians the answers to these two questions are obvious: the sparrawhawk operation was not used for anything but to ruin the lives of some state officials. This operation which was not an emanation from the Cameroonian government but a judicial operation initiated in the context of the fight against corruption in Cameroon and launched by the government of the then Prime Minister EPHRAIM INONI in 2006 under the pressure of international donors. The same EPHRAIM was arrested in 2012 as part of this operation.
Currently, there is the equivalence of a government in prison. Why?
Cameroon is the only country in the world living in such situation. This fact that may seem legal, discredits and wipes out the skills, the intrinsic merits of these state officials certainly guilty, but handpicked. At the same time, this operation has not brought any improvement in good governance of our country. It is unacceptable that a clan (individuals of the same social class) can loot this much, without a well maintained framework. I will break this chain so functional bodies for the control and punishment of misappropriation of state funds are put in place.
I can say with utmost assurance that none of these sparrow hawk prisoners was transparent in the management of state affairs while in office. I can also say that many current senior state officials continue to shamelessly dispose of public fortune, without fear of being jailed.
Could this be a prove of a dysfunctioning state administration? I do not believe. The sparrow hawk operation was Setup to curb corruption and promote good governance. Unfortunately the same operation has turned into political justice. This statement is upheld by cases of justice often rendered with unparalleled speed. The same managed to keep in prison for 24 hours a senior state official. While others are untouchable. So there is something wrong. The poor governance of the current system has left, if not encouraged embezzlement of state funds by several officials in our country at the risk of causing a state bankruptcy.
Article 66 of the Cameroonian Constitution on the Declaration of Property and the Anti-Corruption Law does exist. When we read article 66 of our constitution, it is easy to understand why no one has yet been forced to declare his wealth. Indeed, the Cameroonian constitution of 1996 subordinated the application of this article to the signing of a decree by the President of the Republic. The constitutional body has set no deadline for signing the decree. Twenty-one years later, the decree is still not signed.
We are all responsible for being silent to such abnormality.
That is why, if you choose me in 2018 to lead our country’s destiny, I will commit myself in the first two months of office, to put an end to the sparrow hawk operation, to release all the prisoners of this operation by decree and under certain conditions;
They repay all the amounts due to the Cameroonian State, within a very limited time.
There will be no witch hunt. I will never go into the past of all those who have had the chance to profit and enrich themselves illegally with the support of the current system.The detained officials will be released to regain dignity and serenity necessary to better serve the state again for those who have not reached the retirement age. This is not being angelic or trying to officialize misappropriation of state funds but rather it is simply a political will to create a healthy social climate, conducive to a new impetus for all Cameroonians to look towards the same direction without suspicion.
It should be noted that the different crisis that our nation is plunged into must not leave anyone indifferent. They are signs of a deep need of our people, who aspire to a radiant change. Which becomes inevitable in 2018.
As such, I invite all Cameroonians to fasten their belts lets walk along to build a nation that is up to it challenges, a Cameroon of Values, a Cameroon of merit, a Cameroon fairer that will leave no one on the sidelines and where everyone will have a say . A Cameroon in which every citizen will have the same duties and where he will benefit from all the rights that are due to him. My vision for the Cameroon of tomorrow is to make sure that a law on the declaration of wealth, both at home and abroad, is put in place very quickly for senior government officials. Justice will be the same for all.
The state will never forgive criminals of public property, embezzlement of public funds and public affairs. For this, I will pass a law in the Assembly to be included in our constitution, punishable custodial sentences. This law will provide a legal and legitimate sanction for white-collar offenders. I will put an end to political justice that makes no sense in a democracy. If at a certain time the Cameroonian government was able to track down the accounts lodged abroad of senior State officials, then it is possible to seize the assets abroad of state delinquents.
On this subject, Cameroon will undertake to sign bilateral conventions with several States hosting the fortunes and property of the white-collar offenders. Under my presidency, Cameroon must reconnect with peace by promoting living together. The most important is not see our daughters and sons behind bars, but to recover the misappropriated funds to create industries, wealth and give work to our unemployed and all Cameroonians in general.
As President of the Republic of Cameroon, I will put in place mechanisms to restore social cohesion for lasting peace. I will oblige myself to tolerance, forgiveness, reintegration to give a new chance and dignity to every Cameroonian.
Long live a new Cameroon, united with justice and strength
Together We Can
Jean Blaise GWET
National President PMCC(Patriotic Movement for Change In Cameroon)
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