Message From President Jean Blaise GWET For The Families Of Our Children, Victims Of KUMBA.

octobre 28, 2020by admin0

Grace and Peace to the families of the children killed, to the families of the injured children, to the entire grieving Cameroonian community and to all those who are crying and burying their children today. In the haze and fog of grief, in compassion and sorrow, I come in my own name, Jean Blaise GWET, on behalf of my whole family.

Président Jean Blaise GWET


on behalf of all those millions of Cameroonians, and African compatriots across the world, who like me today weep, as we feel and share your pain.

To all of you, I humbly ask you to accept our sincerest condolences.

Believe me, I know that there are no words to express the pain you feel in the face of such a barbaric, heinous and senseless act. A terror that has claimed the lives of your precious children, our precious children.  The hopes and inheritance of many parents and families have been taken away for no reason, except for hatred, because of divisions, because of resentments, because of each other’s selfishness, because of what can now only be called, a civil war between Brothers and Sisters.

Tragically at times like these the world seems so cruel and we have no words to explain these unnatural times.  In truth, when a woman loses her Husband, she is said to be a Widow. When a man loses his Wife, he becomes a Widower and finally, when a Child loses a parent, he is said to be an orphan.  However,  to this day humanity lacks words in the divine order of the universe to describe a parent who loses his child.  A parent should never have to bury his child and certainly not in circumstances so odious and barbaric as our Children, who in search of knowledge, were slain in this tragedy that occurred that dark day in KUMBA.

In this time of grief and sadness, if there is any comfort, I can offer my brothers, sisters and parents so hard-hit, is that our adorable blessed children are all in a place without pain or suffering, in a peaceful place and in the arms of God, our Lord and Savior.

I know today that this truth may seem distant because very often, in the face of such cases, we wonder where is God when these things happen to us. Unfortunately, no one has an answer. But I know that God is close and has chosen to give humans choice and dominion.

Tragically all too often we meet those who abuse this privilege and responsibility, but I want to assure you today, while you mourn the senseless loss of your dear and beautiful children, that there are those of us who understand our role for the love and care of others and I want you to know that I am one of them.

I want you to also know that my compassion and my pain are very profound in the face of this difficult and painful tragedy that has befallen our children, in this city and in this region.

I join all of you Dear Parents, Brothers and Sisters in accompanying our children to a land without a return ticket for an eternal rest, knowing full well that while there will be no answer now, we can find some peace in the truth that God knows and sees everything and loves us dearly.

Peace to their Souls.

With the sincerest love

Jean Blaise GWET

MPCC National President

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