Jean Blaise GWET, Pays Tribute to the Charismatic Leader John FRU NDI

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President Ni John Fru Ndi was a man of conviction, one of the builders of our democracy, one of the most committed men in the political construction of Cameroon. His death is a great loss for our Nation, for his biological family, as well as for the whole great Cameroonian and African political family in general.

Above all, his death announces the end of an outgoing political generation. A generation, which in a natural way, will give way to a new generation of politicians, whom we embody and who will settle in 2025, at all levels of the Republic.

I would like to reassure his memory that he rests in peace. He left a new generation of politicians with values, a new generation that embodies peace, social cohesion and tolerance. A new generation, which will positively continue its fight.

With deep conviction and commitment, our mission is to continue this fight: Bring all Cameroonians back together, and pacify the North West and South West regions.

I pledge never to betray anyone, and above all to continue this fight with all Cameroonians, without leaving anyone on the sidelines.

In the name of the PMCC, in the name of all my family, friends and supporters, and especially in my own name, I express to the family of the deceased, to his relatives and friends, to his political family, as well as to all the people Cameroonians, our deep and collective affliction, and our sincere condolences.

May his soul rest in peace and may God welcome him into his Kingdom

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Jean Blaise GWET, Pays Tribute to the Charismatic Leader John FRU NDI

Jean Blaise GWET

Président National du PMCC

(Mouvement Patriotique Pour le Changement du Cameroun)

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