Jean Blaise GWET: One Man, One Vision, One Commitment

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Jean Blaise GWET - Palais

Even today, when Cameroon and our continent need such courageous men, devoted to the service of the people and concerned about their future, a man, Jean Blaise GWET son of an independence activist, wants to reassure his Cameroonian brothers and sisters that the change of Cameroon is coming, and that its future is a sacred duty to which every citizen must prepare and commit.

Yes, the change in Cameroon is coming because it is all of us who will embody it, we are there full of hope for a better tomorrow. We will all be in motion to embody and make this change a reality. I need you all!

This political determination to break with the anti-values, the old political and administrative practices, emanates from a sincere patriotism which fascinates me, and pushes me to believe and to work tirelessly with my heart and the flame of patriotism which shines there for a Cameroon new. A Cameroon in which every daughter and son of our nation who deserves it, with dignity, will have a place. I solemnly pledge myself here before the whole nation, never to betray the people and never to leave anyone on the sidelines.

I need all of you.

Jean Blaise GWET

Président National du MPCC

(Mouvement Patriotique Pour le Changement du Cameroun)


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