Jean Blaise GWET: Alert message to ECOWAS, African Heads of State and, above all, Africans hostile to France.

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Président Jean Blaise GWET

Is NIGER a trap for African states, ECOWAS and, above all, all Africans hostile to the French presence in Africa? Why emphasize the departure of French military bases from African soil, when the military bases of the superpowers (USA, Russia, China) are being set up at high speed as immediate replacements, in place of the Africans’ own military bases? What do the forest and the game of superpowers hide, when we know that in politics, there are no friends, only interests? 

As a specialist in Geopolitics, Strategy and Diplomacy, the aim of this research note and analysis is to provide the Heads of African States, the President of ECOWAS, and my African brothers who are hostile to France, with elements of analysis to awaken their awareness, alert them to vigilance, and, above all, an awareness of the imminent danger that now hangs over every African state without exception, which could be invaded at any moment, with little means of defense, against one of the great Superpowers, which is increasingly installing military bases, arms and transferring troops permanently stationed on African soil.

Based on my analysis, research and findings, French policy in Africa in recent years has certainly been a failure. However, the danger threatening our continent will certainly not come from France, but from those superpowers who risk leading Africa back into recolonization., for at least another 50 years, depriving Africans de facto of their land, raw materials, natural resources, subsoil, such as minerals, etc., in order to reinstall even deeper poverty in Africa.

Your Excellencies, African Heads of State,

Your Excellency, Mr. President of the ECOWAS Commission,

Your Excellency, the President of the ECOWAS Parliament 

Africa is on the brink of danger. On April 24, 2023, in my Urgent call Note to the Heads of African States, I drew your close attention to the case of Sudan, which could be the spark needed by the superpowers to implement their unspoken plans for Africa. Note contained in the link below :

To date, only the law of the strongest will stop this conflict in Sudan. Meanwhile, it seems to me that Sudan’s oil-producing areas have never been touched by war. And the oil and minerals continue to be exploited for the benefit of others, not the state of Sudan, whose institutions are currently at war and non-existent. This is the situation that awaits Niger in the event of armed intervention, and certainly all the other countries in the sub-region, which will automatically be contaminated by this war in the making.

Dear African Heads of State and Government, Distinguished Presidents of ECOWAS, President Emmanuel MACRON, it is urgent to forget the option of military intervention in Niger and use the tools of dialogue and diplomacy.

However, I would suggest that an African rapid intervention force be set up as a matter of urgency, without delay and with the possibility of immediate retaliation, in anticipation of other coups d’état in the making in other African countries, without which the whole of Africa risks being destabilized very soon. It’s good that every African knows this and keeps it in mind: The major challenge facing the superpowers is the control of Africa by new masters who will reign supreme, in defiance of international law and the United Nations Charter. The examples of Ukraine and Sudan bear witness to this.   

Me! Jean Blaise GWET, Candidate for the next presidential election in 2025 in Cameroon, I am a Man who aspires to lead this country with deep convictions, from this date onwards;  therefore, it is my duty to follow closely the state and evolution of the security situation of our peoples, of the sub-region and of Africa in general, so that together, in power tomorrow, we can continue to implement fair, innovative and effective solutions to secure our peoples, secure the sub-region and secure all of Africa.

The upheaval of the world order caused by the war in Ukraine has weakened the institutions of the UN, which are currently unable to take any resolution to stop a conflict in the world, leaving Africa at the mercy of itself. In the event of aggression by a state, as is the case in Sudan, only the law of the strongest will prevail. Ukraine is still protected and assisted by the United States, Europe and NATO. What about Sudan? Left to its own devices. This is what will happen to all African states, which are now at risk of being attacked, without any means of defense.

With this note, I once again appeal to the Heads of State and Government of all African countries to awaken their consciences, to show intra-African solidarity, to be prudent, and above all to make it possible to set up as soon as possible a common African intervention army along the lines of NATO. Otherwise, certain areas of Africa could very quickly be invaded, in what seems to me to be a new era of need for the recolonization of Africa, which wants to open up, but there is still time to stop it. I therefore invite every African to wake up and take notice.

Though my thirst remains very deep, I’d like to understand why this race to lay down arms, build military bases and transfer troops permanently stationed by the USA, China and Russia on African territory?

  • S. military bases in Africa.

The U.S. has 34 military sites in Africa, including 14 main bases and 20 camps, outposts and a « main platform » for U.S. operations. Camp Lemonnier, the world’s largest drone base, is home to over 4,000 troops for operations in both Africa and the Middle East.

Several other U.S. military site projects are also in the pipeline on the African continent. The air component of the U.S. Africa Command has just been created, and work is currently underway on nearly 30 construction projects in four African countries.

Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti could soon be supplanted by a major U.S. military site in Agadez, Niger. This is a drone base that will cost $100 million to build alone.

The Americans also have no fewer than 5 military sites in Somalia, 4 bases in Kenya, a site mainly dedicated to surveillance in Entebbe (Uganda), 3 sites in Cameroon, including a drone base in Garoua, 2 sites in Chad and a squadron for military cooperation in Gabon.

In North Africa, their presence is more discreet: 3 undisclosed sites in Libya and a drone base in Tunisia.

In West Africa, the United States has a site in Dakar, 2 sites in Bamako and a cooperation squadron in Ghana.

  • Russian military bases in Africa:

According to a German diplomatic report, Russia is planning to establish 6 military bases in 6 African countries it considers strategic, including Egypt, Eritrea, Madagascar, the Central African Republic and Sudan. 

Wagner: The Wagner teams in action in Ukraine are active in several African countries, including Sudan, Libya, the Central African Republic, Mali, Mozambique and Madagascar, as well as in other countries such as Syria and Venezuela.

  • Chinese military bases in Africa:

China now has 2,000 soldiers permanently stationed at the Djibouti military base. It has completed construction of a jetty capable of accommodating an aircraft carrier, enabling it to project its power beyond the Western Pacific.

The period of tension, coups d’état, rivalry and ongoing competition between the United States, Russia, China and African countries reminds me of the same tensions in the 1850s, when Europeans set out to conquer Africa and divide up the dark continent, a period when Chancellor Bismarck took the initiative of organizing the Berlin Conference in Germany, from November 1884 to February 1885. It was at the end of this Berlin conference that the right to colonize Africa was established and divided between the British, French, Germans, Belgians, Portuguese and Italians, in the absence of the United States, Russia, China and others.

Today, 140 years later, what new plans do the masters of the world have for Africa? From my point of view, we are not safe from a new recolonization. It’s up to every African to wake up, because it’s all very well to clamor for the arrival of new masters, but should we allow ourselves to be recolonized? Perhaps we’ll have some answers in the short and medium term. According to me, my answer is No!

May God watch over Africa.

Jean Blaise GWET

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