Speech by Jean Blaise GWET On the occasion of New Year wishes 2024 To the Cameroonian Nation and the African People

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Jean Blaise Gwet 2024 V.Ang 2024 Bonne Année

Cameroonian and African people; this beloved people who gave birth to me, this people I love with all my heart, this courageous, enterprising, hard-working, ingenious and ambitious people. People who have never ceased to endure pain, hatred and the storms of ethnic discrimination and the irresponsibility of the politics of the stomach.

I would like to tell you that the time for change has arrived for Cameroon, and that its future and that of our continent looks glorious. By holding your heads high and hoping for a better tomorrow, you’ve done the right thing.

You’ve been waiting for a man, now you’re waiting for a new generation of politicians, in all your councils, in your city town, in parliament, in the senate, as well as in all our country’s public and para-public administrations, in a new surge of solidarity, in a new vision of love, sharing, tolerance and national unity.

Yes, I’m ready to be the driving force behind this change.

Our country no longer fears change, but has been waiting for it for years. And it’s high time for each and every one of us to stand up with our hearts, in a new spirit of patriotism, to jointly manage public assets, State money, the wealth of our people, in our subdivisions, our councils, our division, our region, with love, rigour and patriotism.

Yes, let’s put it more clearly: a new way of managing Cameroon, its oil, its gas, its diamonds, its uranium, its multiform wealth, but above all, all its human, cultural, political, economic and social wealth.

Hope must be reborn. We must restore hope to every Cameroonian. The fear of change must disappear from our society, and above all, from all public and para-public administrations, the armed forces, the gendarmerie and the police. For it is blocking any significant progress by our nation, towards democracy, independence and its certain emergence in 2035, the year that coincides with the end of my next two mandates.

Yes, brothers and sisters, our country, Cameroon, is at the center of globalization. Its geostrategic position opens the doors to a better future and a better world for every Cameroonian. Faced with global challenges, the political immobility of our people compels us, more than ever, to a new dynamic that will chase away fears and strengthen the hopes of every Daughter and Son of our country.

65 years after our Independence, let’s stay awake, brothers and sisters, let’s have the courage to see the truth in the face, to look at Cameroon’s problems and those of all our children, down to the smallest detail. I know that you and I no longer fear, and know that Cameroon is going from bad to worse. But I also know that, with the commitment of each and every one of you, we will very quickly succeed in turning the situation around and restoring the dignity of our people.

On this January 1st, the day of the year 2024, a solemn occasion for everyone to make a wish, I would like to tell you here solemnly before God and mankind, that my only and dearest wish is the pursuit of happiness for every Cameroonian. 2025 is a unique and historic opportunity. The one and only chance Cameroon has had for 65 years to turn the page on the current system, in peace, and to create a new generation of politicians at all levels of the Republic (in the City towns, the National Assembly, the Senate, the government, the Presidency…).

So, Dear Grandparents, get up! Dear Moms, stand up! Dear Dads, stand up! Dear children, stand up! Dear grandchildren, stand up! Dear Friends, stand up! Dear Pan-Africans, stand up! Dear Africans, stand up!

Together, let’s stand up! 

Yes, Brothers and Sisters, it’s true that for several years now, politics has no longer fascinated or interested anyone. Without wasting any time, for the benefit of all and of future generations, the time has come to wake up.

Let’s rise up together!

I assure you, with deep conviction, that change in our country is possible in 2025. All we need is the courage to face the truth, and to turn the page on the current political system, replacing it with a new vision of politics for the people, and only for the people. A vision that I, Jean Blaise GWET, holds for our Nation and for Africa. A new vision that gives hope and a chance to every daughter and son of this country to bring up their children in peace, tranquillity and dignity.

My vision, I President, my vision is first and foremost a grand design for the Cameroon of the 21st Century.

Here’s how I present it

Cameroon is a Republic in which we cannot live without rules, values and, in general, morals.

Ethics must be opposed to anti-values, morality to immorality.  Merit alone must be legitimate. Levelling down is a source of immobility and failure. That’s why we believe in the effort that brings change, and that alone gives meaning to existence.

Justice for all will be the rule, with no witch-hunts.

Openness, tolerance and respect for one another must be the cardinal virtues underpinning our social and humanitarian policies.

The right to social justice, to equal opportunities for all, means giving every Cameroonian the chance to succeed, to prosper, for himself, for his children, for the good of the whole Nation.

You have the right to succeed, you have the right to bring up your children in peace, and you have the right to make the Nation prosper by inventing a new Cameroonian model of life based on justice and probity.

With deep conviction, « 2025 » is an opportunity for our Nation. A unique and historic opportunity to join the ranks of developed nations, with honour and dignity, in innovation and modernity, for our Nation and our People.

Believe me, these are not the words of politicians, but the words of a man with a heart who has received everything from a people he loves. Words that have their deepest aspiration in the heart of a man who is ready and willing to serve a country and its people in return.

We must rehabilitate work as the sole source of wealth creation. We must fight against nepotism, corruption and all other forms of anti-values that do not honour our Nation and our people. We must make life accessible to all, and create a social security system that will extend the life expectancy of each and every one of our compatriots, but above all that of our parents and grandparents.

Wealth is created by people. Men who make the creation of wealth a virtue. Men who reject easy money and aspire to happiness through hard work.

We must build our country with future generations in mind, leaving our children a legacy that will make them proud to be Cameroonians.

Cameroon needs a great patriotic movement, one that knows how to combine the future and the present, without denying the fundamentals that govern our identity. The identity of a mature country that will guard and defend, whatever the cost, all the options chosen by the people, for the good of the Nation and its fellow citizens.

The Patriotic Movement for Change in Cameroon (PMCC) embodies this change. We need all of you to work together to develop the largest patriotic, political and social movement accessible to all Cameroonians.

It’s now or never that we must turn our dreams into reality. I need all of you, and I need you now, to work together to make politics different in our dear beautiful country. .. In Cameroon’s hinterland, in the villages of the pygmies, in every town, in every village, profound change must make every Cameroonian a modern citizen.

  • We must have a capital that aspires to become a megalopolis.
  • We must have an industrialising industry.
  • We must have a school that does not generate unemployment.
  • We must have an integrated agriculture that continues to flourish.
  • We must have a stronger army, oriented towards missions of peace, security and respect for the non-aggression pact advocated by the United Nations.
  • Fear must disappear completely from the sub-region. I am committed to reforming our armed forces and police, within which we have ambitious and courageous soldiers, policemen, gendarmes, intellectuals and professionals.

And deep down, I guarantee to take Cameroon from a developing to an emerging country in the near future. Impossible is not Cameroonian.

This is a unique and historic opportunity for our people, who have always been determined to make their way in the concert of developed nations. We must give them back the power to discern and decide what is good for them, and to reject what is bad for them.

Solemnly before the whole Nation, to the memory of my late father, a CPU activist, to all our heroes who died fighting for the liberation of our continent, to the honour of our homeland, I promise you that the flame of patriotism that once shone in their hearts will continue to shine in those of patriots like me. I will never leave anyone on the sidelines, and I will give everyone a place.

Tomorrow’s Cameroon depends on your will, your determination, your commitment, your voices, your votes and your discernment. There must be no more voiceless voices. I need all of you to transform the course of our history together.

Cameroon Stand Up! Together, let’s march towards the essential.

Long live the Cameroon of tomorrow, long live the change we’ve been dreaming of.

Long live the PMCC!

May God watch over us, guide us, accompany us and protect our Nation and its people.

Happy New Year 2024 to you all


Jean Blaise GWET

Phone: +337 67 66 17 73 / +237 698 34 93 56

E-mail: President2025@jeanblaisegwet.com / jbgwet@yahoo.fr

Web site: mpcc.be

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