Speech of Gratitude to the People of Cameroon: The Indomitable Lions, Ambassadors of our Unity

janvier 24, 2024by admin0

Dear Cameroonian people,

Today, our hearts beat to the rhythm of the exploits of our Indomitable Lions, a team that embodies the tenacity and excellence of the Cameroonian people. The dazzling victory over Gambia at the CAN 2023 in Côte d’Ivoire is a moment of national pride that we all share.

A victory that transcends the boundaries of the stadium and resonates in the heart of every citizen. The Indomitable Lions roared to life, offering the world a masterly display of determination, courage and talent.

In this moment of triumph, I would like to congratulate every member of our nation, for it is thanks to your unwavering support that our Lions have been able to roar so loudly on the international stage. Your passion, unity and national pride are the pillars of our success.

This success in sport is a reflection of our collective resilience and determination to succeed. Let’s keep this flame burning, work together and continue to build a Cameroon where victory and prosperity are accessible to all.

Congratulations to the entire Fecafoot team, congratulations to each and every Indomitable Lions, congratulations to the Cameroonian people, for this dazzling victory. Impossible is not Cameroonian.

Good luck to the Indomitable Lions for the future. Together, let’s march towards new horizons,

Jean Blaise GWET

Phone: +337 67 66 17 73 / +237 698 34 93 56

E-mail: President2025@jeanblaisegwet.com / jbgwet@yahoo.fr


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