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Jean Blaise GWET - Je Suis Prêt

The future of the Indomitable Lions is not measured in scores, but in Resilience and Determination.

Honorable Indomptables Lions

At this time of disappointment, I would like to send you a message of comfort and hope. Your journey to CAN 2023 has been marked by passion and dedication, embodying the indomitable spirit that characterizes our nation.

Today, we find ourselves faced not with defeat, but with an opportunity to redefine our trajectory. The CAN 2023 was the scene of a fierce battle, and although the result was not what we had hoped for, our future is measured not in scores, but in resilience and determination.

Life sometimes presents us with unexpected challenges, but it’s in resilience that we find the strength we need to bounce back. This elimination must not overshadow the moments of pride you have often offered our entire nation and the entire continent.

Remember, every match is a lesson, every defeat an opportunity to progress. Every path to victory is paved with obstacles, but it is your perseverance that will forge future success.

In every match, you carried the burden of our nation on your shoulders, embodying the pride and tenacity of the Indomitable Lions. It’s in these moments of disappointment that the strongest characters are forged. You are not just soccer players, you are representatives of the indomitable spirit that resides at the heart of Cameroon and in the hearts of every Cameroonian and every African. 

Sport, and soccer in particular, transcends borders and unites souls. Today, I want you to understand that your performance goes beyond a single competition. It inspires youth, it unites nations, and it sows the seeds of hope that will flourish in the future.

In my capacity as a candidate in the 2025 presidential elections, President of the Patriotic  Movement for Change in Cameroun (MPCC), and certainly your future President of the 3rd Republic, from October 2025.

As President, I am committed to working towards greater support for sport, creating world-class infrastructures and providing opportunities for our emerging talents to shine.

Let’s not forget that every challenge we overcome is another step towards excellence. We are not weakened, but strengthened by the lessons learned from this competition. The Indomitable Lions are not defined by a defeat, but by the way they get back up and persist.

Be proud of your achievements, be strong in the face of adversity, because sometimes the greatest victories come after the hardest times. Get ready for great new challenges with your future President of the 3rd Republic. It’s me! Jean Blaise GWET.

Let us remain united, for it is in unity that we draw our greatest strength. Indomitable Lions, you carry the heart of an entire nation. Hope remains alive, and with each new challenge, we grow together.

Together, let us forge a future where victory is measured not just in goals scored, but in national unity, individual growth and collective success.

With respect and confidence in you and in the future of our Nation.

Jean Blaise GWET

Phone: +337 67 66 17 73 / +237 698 34 93 56

E-mail: President2025@jeanblaisegwet.com / jbgwet@yahoo.fr

Web site: mpcc.be

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