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Jean Blaise GWET - Palais

My Dear Compatriots, Fellow Cameroonians, Brothers and Sisters in Africa,

Sixty-three (63) years after our country’s independence, Cameroon finds itself at a geostrategic crossroads in its history. This is a position that, if properly negotiated and through the collective awareness of each and every Cameroonian, will restore the dignity of our people and the independence, autonomy and greatness of our Nation, thanks to all the multiple and available resources that it possesses (Talented, dynamic, ambitious and well-trained youth. Very significant and diversified mineral resources. Intellectual, cultural and tourist resources, etc.).

Unfortunately, if we make the mistake of refusing change and staying with the same system, or a more family-oriented system, then the status quo will prevail for at least another 50 years, and the situation of every Cameroonian will continue to deteriorate day by day. Our young graduates will continue to find work on motorbike taxis, the microbe phenomenon will invade all our towns and villages, the war in the NOSO will never be resolved for more than a decade, millions of Cameroonian families will continue to have neither water nor electricity. Our children will never have free schooling. Our children, parents and grandparents will never have complete and free health coverage. Road cutters will invade most of our main roads.

Our petrol, our gaz, our mineral resources, our forests, etc… will continue to be the property of some, while our people die of famine, poverty and misery. What’s more, our children will continue to die in the Mediterranean under the open sky, in search of happiness and a pseudo-Eldorado that seems to be elsewhere, whereas Africa is overflowing with all the riches they need to bring happiness to their people and, above all, training and work to a whole generation of young people in despair and in search of a sense of direction.

Aware of the importance and the stakes involved in the forthcoming presidential election of 2025 in our country, I refuse to stand still and I choose to take action, in which I need all of you.

Me! President, I pledge to fight and to give the best of myself, even at the cost of my own life, to safeguard the interests of our people, the interests of future generations, the interests of our institutions, the interests of our Nation, and for the cause of Africa as a whole.

As a candidate in the 2025 Presidential election, I consider it my duty to present to you my vision of Cameroon from 2025 to 2035. A vision, under my Presidency, for a better future, for each of you and for our Nation.

But first of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to each and every Cameroonian citizen who actively participates in the democratic life of our nation.

My heart goes out to the first builders of our democracy. Builders who have gone: President Samuel EBOUA, President John FRU NDI, Secretary General Augustin Frédéric KODOCK, President Adamou Ndam NJOYA, Lapiro De MBANGA, and all the others who have died. May their souls rest in peace.

I cannot forget President Paul BIYA, President Bello BOUBA, President ISSA TCHIROMA, Me YONDO Black, the Combatant MBOUA MASSOCK, Mrs Edith KAH WALLA, DJEUKAM TCHAMENI, President Hameni MBIALEU, as well as all the other political actors who have all participated in the establishment of this first democracy in our country. As the list is long, I will not be able to mention them all in this Letter to the Cameroonian People.  To all of them, my deepest respect. In saluting their courage and commitment, I say to them all, thank you.

I also extend my hand to all those elders who have matured in politics, so that together we can finish the fight they started. I reassure them never to betray their memory and the main objective of their political struggle: to die for the People, nothing but for the People, the Nation is not negotiable, power is not given. It must be wrested. I need all of you to work together to build a New Cameroon for all.

We are on our feet and nothing will stop us. Whatever they do, it’s time for the people to take their destiny back into their own hands. 2025 is a unique and historic date that we must seize to turn the page and give the people back their power and dignity.

I need all of you, and I will make room for everyone, without witch-hunting.

To the people of Cameroon, I would like to say, and above all to remind you, that your voices and your commitment to the future of Cameroon are essential if we are to forge a fairer and more prosperous society.

I am speaking to you today as a Candidate for the Presidential elections in Cameroon in 2025.

J’ai pris la décision de me présenter pour une 3ème fois, à cette élection Présidentielle dans notre pays, afin de répondre aux aspirations et aux besoins de notre peuple, et de la Nation toute entière.

I am acutely aware of the challenges we face as a nation, but I firmly believe in our collective ability to overcome these difficulties and build a better future for all.

As a candidate, I pledge to place the public interest at the centre of everything I do.

I am aware of the economic and social inequalities that persist in our country, and I am committed to implementing inclusive policies aimed at reducing these disparities.

Me! President, I will set up a special status for all former Heads of State and their families. And for all high-ranking government officials and their families. I will not conduct a witch-hunt.

Furthermore, it is unacceptable that a large part of Cameroon’s wealth comes from the NOSO, and that not only do these people not benefit from it, but that there is almost no infrastructure in this area, which I would say has been forgotten.

Me! President, I will give Anglophones their rights, in a fairer, united Cameroon, a Cameroon in which peace and social cohesion will reign.

Me! President, I will need the knowledge and experience of the entire diaspora to help me build a new Cameroon and meet the challenges facing our country. To this end, I will sign a decree, on the 1st day of my investiture, to grant dual nationality to all Cameroonians. Together, we must make Cameroon a little paradise. I need all of you.

Me! President, there will be justice for all, and at a single speed. It is inadmissible to sentence a child who steals a doughnut to 40 years in prison, due to the unemployment, famine and misery that plague several million Cameroonian families, while on the other hand, people who have embezzled hundreds of billions of CFA francs are allowed to walk free, while others are simply released after a few months in prison, to resume a normal life with these billions, thus mocking all Cameroonians.

Me! President, I will work closely with the various players in society.  Whether civil society, the private sector or international organisations, so that together we can build a prosperous and equitable Cameroon for all.

Me! President! President, I pledge to promote sustainable development that preserves our environment and natural resources for future generations.

Me! President, will invest in renewable energy, encourage sustainable agriculture and promote the responsible management of natural resources.

Me! President! President, I will strive to diversify our economy to make it less dependent on extractive industries and more resilient in the face of global change.

Me! President, I pledge to promote inclusion in all spheres of our society. This means guaranteeing equal opportunities for every Cameroonian, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, gender or socio-economic status.

Me! President, I pledge to strengthen democratic institutions, guarantee freedom of expression and encourage citizen participation in all decision-making.

Me President! President, I pledge to promote social justice by implementing policies that reduce inequalities and encourage the fair redistribution of wealth.

Me! President, the youth of Cameroon is an absolute priority for me. I am aware of the enormous potential of our youth and I am committed to creating opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurial development for all young people.

I believe in the need to strengthen our education system and provide our young people with the skills they need to succeed in a constantly changing and evolving world.

Safety is also a major concern for our country.

Me! President, I pledge to strengthen the defence and security forces, and to fight against all forms of violence, terrorism and criminality that threaten the peace and stability of Cameroon.

Me! President, I pledge to work with all my Peers, and with the African Union, to set up a common African defence force, like NATO.

I will put in place effective prevention policies, while respecting the fundamental rights of every citizen.

Finally, I am determined to promote good governance and fight corruption.

Me! President, I pledge to establish transparency in the management of public affairs and to criminalise the actions of all leaders who abuse their power, with confiscation of assets.

Me! President, the minimum wage will be set at 150,000 FCFA

I believe in the need for an efficient and honest public administration, capable of meeting the needs of all citizens.

Cameroonians, My dear compatriots, I invite you all to join me in this quest for peace and social cohesion, for a new and better Cameroon for all.

I am convinced that together we can build a new Nation, where every Cameroonian will have the opportunity to dream and realise his or her full potential, in a country where social justice and equal opportunities for all will be a reality. I assure you that Cameroon will be a country where peace and prosperity reign.

I will be a President who listens to you, with a direct line to contact me, which will be made available to you. I will take all your concerns into account, I will work tirelessly and I will do everything in my power to achieve the objectives set out in our 20 commitments, available at the following link :

Nos Engagements

Together, we can and must shape a better and more promising future for our children, for future generations and for the entire Cameroonian nation.

I’m relying on you, I’m relying on your confidence, and I’m relying on your full support.

You have my word and my deep commitment. I will never betray your trust, I will never leave anyone on the sidelines, and I will never go on a witch-hunt. I will protect the interests of every Cameroonian.

Together, let’s walk towards what’s essential.

May God be with us and watch over our people and our nation.

Jean Blaise GWET

National President PMCC

(Patriotic Movement for Change in Cameroon)

Candidat for the 2025 Presidential Elections

Tel : +337 67 66 17 73 / +237 698 34 93 56

Mail : /


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